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Revinax is more than just a new tool for learning. It’s also a way to easily create AR/VR content that is tailored to actual business and industry contexts," says Maxime Ros, company CEO.

Bolstered by its collaborations with numerous actors in the medical and industrial sectors, the Revinax team has designed a global and unique all-in-one solution that allows companies in any field to quickly design and deploy custom immersive tutorials.
These Revinax tutorials combine Virtual Reality and 3D video from a first-person POV for maximum effectiveness, from improving team skills and operational efficiency to enhancing workplace safety and risk prevention, or boosting the adoption and sales of complex products.

Assets of revinax immersive tutorials

  • Experience Best Practices Firsthand

    The first-person perspective of our content immerses users in actual practice conditions to allow them to assimilate and understand in concrete terms how to execute the procedure in their real working environment.

  • Make The Most Of Immersive Technologies

    Revinax tutorials offer an innovative immersive experience that combines virtual & augmented reality with 3D video from a first-person perspective. The result: optimal immersive potential, maximum realism, and high fidelity, all at optimized costs and production times.

  • 3D Video From The subjective viewpoint: a patented tool to capture technical operations

    Revinax has developed patented content to record technical operations in 3D video from the operator's perspective. This exclusive equipment allows experts to directly capture their movements.

  • Put users in the expert's shoes

    Immersion in virtual reality combined with first-person video POV engages mirror neurons to facilitate emotional engagement and speed up learning.

  • Improve your technical training & reduce the error rate

    Immersion in real high-definition, high-fidelity images accelerates comprehension, improves memorization by 80%, and reduces errors by over 50%.

  • Stream & archive your immersive experiences in complete freedom

    The Revinax multi-format platform makes your knowledge content available as needed, with no time or place constraints.
    Your Virtual & Augmented Reality training courses are also available in 2D on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

REVINAX tutorials: the process

Revinax works with you throughout the design and development of your immersive tutorials, ensuring an optimal delivery timeline. Once ready, your immersive experiences can be stored and shared as you wish on the Revinax platform!


At a joint design meeting, functional specifications are laid out to serve as a framework for the tutorials.

On-site capture

On filming day, your designated trade expert is fitted with our patented capture equipment to document the procedure from a first-person 3D viewpoint, assisted by our technical teams.

Production & development

The 3D film is optimized, edited, and divided into chapters. Additional data are included, and computer programming encapsulates the experience in the REVINAX immersive chamber.

Cross-platform release

The tutorials appear on the REVINAX platform, accessible in 3D Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, in 2D or 3D on a smartphone, or in 2D on a tablet or computer.
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Revinax's expertise is available to help you figure out how your company can take advantage of virtual reality and immersive technologies.

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