The Handbook Application

What is it ?

The Handbook application is an online player for immersive 3D tutorials in virtual reality, available from:

To whom is it addressed ?

The Handbook app is made for industries, including medicals and others, who wish to access their library of immersive tutorials created specifically by Revinax to meet their different needs, such as training, marketing, sales, and prevention.

They share this access with their clients and partners thanks to a system of personalized and configurable codes (with limitations on duration, time, and number of accesses).

A dashboard allows them to track the usage of their tutorials and evaluate their ROI. For more information, read our article ‘Evaluation and tracking of your performance indicators (KPIs): VR becomes your dedicated ally’ on this subject.

The Handbook app is also aimed at healthcare professionals and students, giving them access to the content of the Healthcare Library, which is accessible through monthly or annual subscription or pay-per-view (individual tutorial purchases).

Finally, the Handbook app is also aimed at healthcare and healthcare training establishments.

How much does it cost?

The download of the application is completely free.

How to install it?

3 options :


Flash this code to get the application.

Google Play

Download the Revinax Handbook application on Google Play.

PC Application

The Revinax Handbook will be available soon on PC.

Search the website :