HCPs Solutions

The HCPs Tutorials provides access to all of our immersive tutorials dedicated to medical and paramedical care. More than 100 immersive tutorials (in French and 30 already available in English).

Every month, new tutorials are added to the HCPs Tutorials.

Some tutorials in the HCPs Tutorials are available for free access.

The majority of tutorials are reserved for Premium subscribers.

Which solution to choose?

Directly from the application, click on your icon and go to the Subscription tab.

Only interested in a few tutorials? No need to subscribe. Buy them individually instead!

Are you interested in several categories of tutorials and updates? Don’t wait any longer, subscribe now! It’s commitment-free and you’ll get a free week trial.

The Revinax Health Bookstore offers negotiated rates for healthcare establishments and healthcare training institutes. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any quote requests.


How to install it?

3 options :


Flash this code to get the application.

Google Play

Download the Revinax Handbook application on Google Play.

PC Application

The Revinax Handbook will be available soon on PC.

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