Exciting news: we’re moving forward with the France 2030 project call alongside our partners and the BOpEx third place!

REVINAX thanks all the members of the selection committee of the BOpEx Third Place and the AP-HP, Assistance Publique – HĂŽpitaux de Paris for selecting our innovative project, as well as our partners Simedys, VIMS System, IRT b-com, who are committed alongside us in the call for expressions of interest on digital innovation in professional training.

This initial achievement inspires us to further dedicate ourselves to improving both the practical and theoretical skills of the next generation of healthcare professionals. Being recognized as winners underscores the significance of our research and the industry’s interest in advancing educational methodologies.

This success is attributable to our team’s collective vision for innovation, especially to our CEO Dr. Maxime Ros, and the expertise of our partners with whom we are crafting the future of the operating room.

We believe that advanced technologies such as First Person View, 3D, virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR), immersion, co-presence, artificial intelligence (AI), and volumetric video are set to transform the training of health professionals.

REVINAX is more driven than ever and is already gearing up for the next phase. Our joint submission to the Third Place of Experimentation call for projects, part of the #France2030 program, reaffirms our dedication to collaborating with all involved parties to turn this project into a standout success.

đŸ’Ș Together, we will tackle this challenge and pioneer the future of medical education!

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