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Enrich your training program with virtual reality!

We have developed an innovative solution that lets you show, learn, or prepare a technical maneuver or complex procedure in an impactful and time-saving way.

We combine virtual reality and first-person 3D video to create a complete, easy-to-deploy training tool consisting of immersive tutorials. Accessible 24/7 from any device, they let you offer a supplemental training model that is both innovative and effective.

This immersive learning solution significantly improves memorization. Our study results confirm it. They find increased retention rate, greater self-confidence, fewer errors, and more careful performance.


How does it work?

First of all, many studies show that learning by imitation is more effective when a first-person point-of-view is used: learners’ brains don’t have to shift perspective, allowing them to memorize a task much more reliably. This is the first feature of our solution: the subjective point of view.

Moreover, it has been established that immersion in a virtual environment allows learners to better focus their attention. This is the second feature of our tutorials: the creation of an immersive experience.

Finally, we feel it is essential that learners be able to truly project themselves into situations or environments (operating rooms, complex surgeries, etc.) in order to better grasp them. For this reason, it was necessary to integrate video realism to boost their level of engagement and allow them to deal concretely with a real-life situation. This is the third feature of our solution: 360° video.

Revinax was born out of our conviction that combining these three factors vastly improves skill acquisition.

We have invented and patented a new video capture system that allows us to film a professional from a first-person point of view. We are able to immerse learners, putting them in the place of the expert of your choice, in the environment of your choice.

Based on this video material, we create a truly immersive experience based on your teaching objectives, breaking the procedure into chapters based on its various steps and adding supplemental data such as x-rays or even an interactive QCM.

You can even put together your own tutorial catalog, depending on the areas of specialization you want to highlight, thus creating an ideal addition to your training program.

We work hand in hand with your teams to design a training device that your learners will find relevant and engaging. Our results speak for themselves.

The results

Better performance

Errors in performing a complex task (lumbar puncture) were reduced by 65%. Revinax was able to scientifically measure this by comparing the effectiveness of its immersive tutorials to conventional training.

Better memorization

One study shows that people trained on VR memorize information and retain it longer with a mean accuracy rate greater than 12%.

A real confidence booster

In a survey conducted with 17,000 users of tutorials made available to nurses and nursing students free of charge during the COVID-19 crisis, 91% of respondents said they had gained skills thanks to Revinax’s immersive tutorials and 88% of them asserted that they had more competence in these skills.

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Meetings your needs

Enrich a training program with virtual reality modules

So, you want to enrich your program with a virtual training device? That’s smart! Virtual reality has many advantages over conventional training. It’s easy to deploy remotely, infinitely repeatable, and inexpensive.

But did you know that it can also reduce your training time and even lower the error rate of the people trained? Training with virtual reality also provides many other benefits, particularly with regard to memorization: learners memorize information better and faster and retain it longer.

Our immersive tutorials allow you to immerse future healthcare personnel in real-life conditions so they can experience a medical or surgical procedure through the eyes of an expert. This new perspective will really engage your learners!

It’s unanimous: both teachers and students are ready to adopt it. We have conducted several studies. Our survey of surgeons shows that 97% plan to integrate immersive tutorials for teaching and 93% for learning new surgical techniques.

Medtronic Use Case

How Medtronic boosts the training of healthcare professionals using its new medical devices
Professeur Mendes Pereira Revinax VR

“I was very impressed by what virtual reality can contribute, not only as a teaching tool but for disseminating and implementing a new technique. It was very exciting to produce this virtual reality video with the Revinax team.”

Pr Vitor Mendes Pereira

Professor Of Medical Imaging And Surgeon, University Of Toronto

They are using the immersive tutorials of Revinax.

Today, there are over 20,000 users of the Revinax solution in various fields.

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