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mixed reality in the OR, a worldwide first

Immersive virtual reality tutorials for precision skills

help people learn better. fast.

Revinax aims to fill the educational gap between the need for highly skilled workers and their availability.

Virtual training tutorials stimulate all senses and allow students to efficiently memorize complicated gestures. Revinax virtual reality tutorials use HD quality footage from real life situations to efficiently draw viewers into the expert’s universe. They can observe every gesture from the expert’s point of view and review every detail as many times as they need to memorize complicated consecutive actions.


Revinax uses high quality HD footage from real life situations to help viewers live the experience


Feel what it's like to be on the job from an expert's point of view in a real life situation


Our virtual training tutorials are designed to help you become the expert you've always wanted to be

Technical teaching at its best

Multidisciplinary experts

Revinax was founded by neurosurgeon Dr. Maxime Ros and business process specialist Jean-Vincent Trives. Our team combines their pedagogical and technical expertise to help you teach efficiently so students can easily memorize every movement in minute detail.

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High quality tutorials

Fast. Efficient. Cost-effective.

We use our patented technology to create high quality virtual tutorials from real life situations. Our production process is highly streamlined and cost-effective.

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Make your content stick

Virtual training for efficient presentations

Real life immersive tutorials are an excellent way to draw students into your working environment and help them remember every expert gesture.

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Memorize every detail

Virtual reality tutorials from real life situations

Live the real experience through the eyes of the expert and feel what it's like when you're on the job. Observe every single movement in minute detail as many times as you like to efficiently memorize all consecutive actions.

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Expert know-how from around the world

A wide range of applications

As our CEO is a neurosurgeon, Revinax started out with virtual training for medical applications.

To create tutorials for surgical procedures, it’s essential to show every movement in minute detail so students have an accurate vision of the procedure and the gestures required. This has led us to fine-tune our patented technology, which we now open up to other professions using minute and well-defined gestures, such as security and maintenance workers. We also help plumbers, welders, electricians and even aim to include forgotten or rare skills in our virtual reality platform to properly document traditional arts and crafts. Nobody forgets the first time they were drawn into a real life immersive tutorial. As a consequence, they’re very effective for marketing presentations and communication purposes. An overview of our core activities:

Medical & emergency

Real life immersive training for surgeons, nurses, first aid workers and medical staff.

hse & maintenance

Keep critical & maintenance staff up to date to create safer and healthier workplaces.

traditional skills

Training solutions for manual precision skills and traditional arts & crafts.

marketing & communication

Wow your customers and employees to make sure they remember your presentations.

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our awards

revinax laval virtual award

Best Start-Up at Start-Up Contest – Laval Virtual 2016

revinax award

E-health Start-Up award from University of Montpellier 2016

revinax award afc

Public Prize AFC 2017

revinax seal of excellence

Seal of excellence for SMEI H2020

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