Revinax Cardboard

What is this ?

The Revinax Cardboard will allow you to access our immersive tutorials in virtual reality and therefore take advantage of all the benefits that VR offers for learning.

19,90 TTC

Access our immersive virtual reality tutorials from your smartphone using the Revinax Cardboard.

Using a viewer is a simple and economical solution compared to traditional VR headsets. The purchase price of a cardboard viewer is now accessible, making it easy to dive into our immersive world and facilitate your learning. Your headset could also be used for all other virtual reality content available on the market.

How to use the Revinax cardboard?

No need for instructions to use a viewer. There’s no complex setup.

In just three steps and a few seconds, our cardboard will have accommodated your mobile device. You can use the Revinax Cardboard with most Android or iOS phones, with screen sizes ranging from 10 to 15 cm (4 to 6 inches).

The cardboard comes with specially designed lenses to ensure high-quality immersive visuals.

Here’s the cardboard assembly diagram :

montage cardboard

Access Revinax directly from your cardboard.

Thanks to the QR code located on the side of the cardboard, scan it and you’ll directly access the Revinax website.

Search the website :