Experiment in progress : filming of new immersive tutorials

In April, the Revinax team was welcomed at Clinique Bizet and HĂŽpital PrivĂ© Paul d’Egine (HPPE) to film new immersive tutorials in virtual reality dedicated to surgery of the upper limb, with Dr FrĂ©dĂ©ric Teboul.

This event marks the start of a series of films designed to archive and transmit surgical technical know-how for the “Immersives Memories” pilot project developed by #Revinax.

đŸŽ„ Each month, new immersive tutorials will be produced to represent the 13 surgical disciplines.

By enabling this initiative at the heart of their operating theaters, these two Ile-de-France institutions demonstrate their commitment to medical innovation in general and the continuous improvement of surgical skills.

This collaboration highlights their desire to adopt innovative and cutting-edge technologies that contribute to the evolution of surgery for the benefit of patients.

🙌 Many thanks to Dr FrĂ©dĂ©ric Teboul for his confidence and commitment to this ambitious project. Sharing his expertise on a cutting-edge surgical technique will contribute to the practical training of the new generation of surgeons.

They will be able to train with immersive and interactive supports, allowing for better retention of knowledge and a reduction in surgical errors.

Thanks also to all the medical teams at these two institutions for their welcome and to our team, Yann Romagné and Stéphane Saffré.

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