Lorenz S. Neuwirth, Associate Professor of Biopsychology at The SUNY College Old Westbury and at the SUNY NRI (USA) – S02 Ep 4/5

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Episode #31 – June, 13th 2024

Maxime Ros: Today, I’m honored to receive Lorenz Neuwirth. Lorenz is Associate Professor of Biopsychology at SUNY College at Old Westbury and SUNY Neuroscience Research Institute in New York.

Hey, Lorenz, what are the best metrics to track to measure the success of a VR implementation in ROI?

Lorenz S. Neuwirth: So I think one of the key ways we can look at VR is whether or not if we did some kind of post analysis test, if we were to look at students of what kind of theory they remember from the content being used in that demonstration, including VR and content theory, and what kind of procedures are they picking up?

Oftentimes, we see from some of the publications we put out that students really do well in content area, but they do better in the procedural area. And if you’re in the in-person learning apps in a VR, you get the opposite picture. They have a lot more theory less than the procedures.

In a world today that we’re looking for the applied physical skills that people can have ready to go in the actual work setting or translational setting of skills, it’s really important to have those procedures. And this is one way where we can leverage very greatly in a changing climate using VR in an optimum time.

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