Dave Beck, founder of Foundry45 (USA) – S01 Ep 4/4

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Revinsight #16 – February 15th, 2024

Guest: Dave Beck
, founder of Foundry45 (USA)

Maxime Ros:
“Today, I’m glad to receive Dave Beck, founder of Foundry45 based in Atlanta, working now with Axon. Dave, what will VR look like in 2030?”

Dave Beck:
“All right. Well, I guess you look in the crystal ball and see what it looks like in seven or so years. That’s a good question.

Anytime you think about future technology, especially with VR, you think about it in the hardware standpoint and the software standpoint.

On the hardware side, pretty much all technology, the hardware is going to get better, smaller, cheaper, faster over time, things like that.

I don’t know that we’ll have any truly disruptive changes with the hardware in seven years, maybe in 15. But I’m very interested to see what the Apple headset is going to bring and how it affects things. It’s just this big unknown out there that mostly just seeing the videos that have been done in After Effects. It will see what it really looks like

But on the software side, the thing that I’m most excited about now, which probably isn’t surprising, is actually AI and where we can go with that.

I’m focused on training, obviously. And what’s possible with interactive experiences is, sorry, and by that, I mean interacting with avatars or NPCs, if you will, in VR. Today, that’s been kind of a kludgy experience where it didn’t feel real. You have that uncanny valley when you’re talking to the computer, but it’s getting better every minute. There’s some amazing stuff out there already.

And soon, I think you’re going to be able to interact with people in VR in a manner that feels just like real life. And that just opens up so many opportunities to role-play or practice in ways that were never possible before. They’re safe, where it’s safe to make a mistake if you’re talking to a real person that might be a little bit more scary initially. And it’s just infinitely more scalable as well.

So that’s what I’m really excited about. And those improvements are coming today. And I can’t even imagine where they’re going to be seven years from now.”

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