Advanced augmented reality for cutting-edge training and technical assistance

Augmented Reality (AR) is a revolutionary technology with applications across various industries. Revinax, has developed an advanced AR solution that offers significant advantages for remote training and technical assistance. In this article, we will explore how Revinax leverages HoloLens® glasses and Teams® solution to provide an immersive experience to operators, enhancing their efficiency, safety, and composure during complex tasks.

Augmented reality for training and technical assistance

Unlike virtual reality, which completely immerses the user in a virtual world, augmented reality combines digital elements with the real world. It is used to enrich and enhance the user’s experience while maintaining their actual surroundings. Revinax has seized the potential of this technology to offer unparalleled training and technical assistance solutions.

The revinax solution: utilizing HoloLens® glasses

Revinax provides operators with specially equipped HoloLens® glasses for augmented reality. These glasses offer users a real-time view of their working area while overlaying relevant additional content. As a result, the operator can continue their procedures while accessing videos, PDF documents, and real or synthetic 2D or 3D images directly within their field of vision.

Enhanced comfort and safety

The integration of augmented reality into technical procedures provides operators with increased comfort and safety. With the heads-up display, the operator doesn’t need to divert their attention entirely from the task to access supplementary information. A simple head movement allows them to access the content, thus avoiding potentially hazardous distractions.

Remote assistance and real-time collaboration

Revinax’s solution goes beyond the use of HoloLens® glasses. By incorporating Teams®, users can connect live with counterparts, including experts who can remotely assist them. The expert can remotely follow the operator’s demonstration and provide real-time instructions. This functionality enhances training efficiency and problem resolution, even when parties are geographically distant.

Application example

On November 7, 2017, at Montpellier University Hospital (CHU de Montpellier), Revinax achieved a world-first by using Mixed Reality as an aid during an open-surgery intervention with Dr. Lonjon (surgery tutorial recorded in virtual reality) and Dr. Boetto (surgery assisted by augmented reality), both neurosurgeons. This represents a significant advancement in securing and training for surgical procedures and/or the use of medical devices.


The augmented reality offered by Revinax opens exciting new perspectives in the realm of training and technical assistance. With HoloLens® glasses and Teams® solution, operators gain a unique immersive experience that enhances their performance, safety, and composure during technical procedures. Augmented reality emerges as an indispensable tool for modern industries, and Revinax stands at the forefront of this technological revolution. For those interested in learning more about the lexicon of immersive technologies, Revinax also provides a comprehensive article on its blog titled Virtual, Augmented, or Extended Reality: The Glossary of Immersive Technologies and Learning.”

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