Steve Mahaley, VR producer and co-founder of the Red Fern Group (USA) – S02 Ep3/4

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Episode #27 – May, 16th 2024

Today, I’m super glad to receive Steve Mahaley. He’s from Hillsborough, North Carolina. He’s a VR producer and co-founder at the Red Fern.

Maxime Ros: Hey, Steve, thanks to your VR experience, what would be the next VR project you’d like to work on?

Steve Mahaley: Thanks for that question, Maxime. I’ve had this idea for quite some time now, and I just need to stop doing some other things and get to it.

I had this idea of making a VR series that’s called At Home. And in that series, what I would do is ship my VR camera and instructions and things to different households all around the world. The concept is that they follow the simple instructions on the setup and the recording of a dinner or a meal at their table, whatever that looks like in their culture, wherever they happen to be. And then send it back to me. Ultimately, what I envision is a menu of imagery of families or individuals or couples or what have you all around the world in very different places, but all with a common thread of they’re at home and there’s a meal happening.

The whole purpose of this thing is to generate curiosity and some level of familiarity and empathy for others, people who are quite different from us. Because I think that we might all agree that in the 21st century, we still need to work on, perhaps it’s more important than ever, we need to work on our curiosity and interest in the lives and the well-being of people who are quite different from us.

And this is just one small idea to help us get there. Ultimately, this would be available for K-12 education or for anybody who would be interested in kind of dipping into those worlds of people gathered around for a meal.

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