Dave Beck, founder of Foundry45 (USA) – S01 Ep 2/4

Welcome aboard Revinsight, the podcast that helps you understand how organizations and individuals adopt, utilize, and track VR results.

Episode #6 – November 30th, 2023

Guest: Dave Beck, founder of Foundry45 (USA)

Maxime Ros:

– Welcome to Revinsight, the podcast that helps you understand how organizations and individuals adopt, utilize and track VR results.

– Today, I’m glad to receive Dave Beck, founder of Foundry45 based in Atlanta, working now with Axon.

– Hey, Dave, how do you see VR helps you to reduce cost?

Dave Beck:

– Good question.

– Different use cases provide different ROIs. There are probably two areas that you can kind of see cost reductions across the board, and that’s usually with time and with materials.

– For time, VR training is super-efficient. Rather bringing the trainee to the operating room or to the warehouse, you can bring the operating room to the trainee. You can do that with just a one-pound headset that you can take anywhere. There’s also the time that you might be in an operating room or a clean room or something where it’s very expensive to have people training there.

– Then the other one I mentioned is materials. Anything that you would consume in the process of training, and that could be chemicals, syringes, food, you’re training a barista. Anything can be created and consumed virtually so that people can train over and over and over without actually incurring any more variable costs. That can actually add up really quickly.

– Overall, building an ROI case for VR training is generally pretty straightforward. You just have to look at what are the benefits in the different areas.

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