Brian Wagner, founder and CEO of Health Insight Consulting Group (USA)- S1 Ep 1/4

Welcome aboard Revinsight, the podcast that helps you understand how organizations and individuals adopt, utilize, and track VR results.

Guest: Brian Wagner, founder and CEO of Health Insight Consulting Group (USA).

Episode #4 – November 15th, 2023

Maxime Ros:

– Welcome to Revinsight, the podcast that helps you understand how organizations and individuals adopt, utilize and track VR results.

– Today, I’m glad to receive Brian Wagner, he is founder and CEO of Health Insight Consulting Group. He helped C-suite level rose at GE HealthCare, Philips Imaging, Becton Dickinson, and Clario.

– Hey, Brian, how and why did you first turn to VR in your professional environments?

Brian Wagner:

– Well, hey, it’s been a pleasure and thanks so much for inviting me on your podcast, Maxime.

– As you recall, we were introduced by common colleagues. Through that introduction, I was really impressed with the technology that you and your team has brought to market to better educate, better train, better inform healthcare workers.

– It was interesting when we were first introduced, I still was in industry, working for some of the bigger companies. We had just had COVID hit and it was a major problem for us. As you can recall back in 2020, immediately overnight we no longer had access to acute care centers. That was a big problem because we were still selling product services and solutions that required follow-up, training, education. Yet we had no way of getting into those institutions because there was a barrier to entry. If you weren’t focused on COVID, nobody wanted to see you, would see you or could see you. It really became a very timely way to still stay connected with our customers.

– But what we learned it was even a better way than pre-COVID. What I mean by that is it was always a challenge for us. We had clinical specialists, we had sales reps, they would make the sale go in after the sale to educate. But generally speaking, they would leave and within a week or two, much of that information wasn’t recalled or there would be staff changes. We were constantly having to go back in and re-educate and re-inform. It was quite costly for us. But by utilizing VR, what we come to find is not only is it better for our customers in terms of engaging with them, where they are, when they are, how they want to engage, but it was less costly for us as well because we didn’t have to deploy clinical specialists, travel expenses, the productivity of our sales force, the productivity of our clinical specialist force was so much enhanced by utilizing VR.

– And we just had astounding results in terms of improving the customer experience, but also at the same time reducing our cost of care. And it actually was a benefit to them too, because they can therefore better educate, better inform their staff, their caregivers.

– And what we came to find is their retention rates were through the roof. Like they were actually remembering a lot more of the information we were sharing because they could constantly go back and have that experience over and over again. And by doing that, their confidence levels went through the roof. So they actually started to do more procedures and use more of our products as a result.

– So that’s how I was originally introduced it’s just been a pleasure ever since.

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