Medical Devices: Disseminating Good Practice and Optimizing Your Return on Investment

You want to showcase and optimize the use of your medical devices and have decided to offer a practical tutorial, based on the performances and potentials of virtual reality (VR) technology. This raises several questions: what cases should I highlight? What key performance indicators (KPIs) should I select to ensure a good return on investment (ROI)? How does the tutorial enhance your training program?

In this article, we focus on the answers to these legitimate questions.

Train users how to use your medical devices correctly at a lower cost

The advantages of a VR tutorial

VR, in this case, virtual reality in 360° video images, has several advantages:

  • Its immersive aspect helps to memorize the gestures to be performed.
  • The technology allows supplemental information to be added to the tutorial, increasing its relevance.
  • The tutorial can be reused indefinitely.

Revinax tutorials plunge the user into the reality of a medical procedure. When wearing the VR headset, users truly feel as if they are in the skin of the key opinion leader (KOL) performing the procedure. This greatly increases the ability to acquire the correct technique.

Your problem: how to optimize my budget?

You have high-performing medical devices that you want to show off in a tutorial, which will serve both as a teaser and for presenting surgical technique during workshops, and can be reused as needed.

However, since your budget isn’t unlimited, you have to make choices about how to use your device. How do you make the best choices based on your objectives? At Revinax, we offer personalized support, discussions, expertise, benchmarks, and scoring tools to help you:

  • Select the use case that will resonate most with your targets.
  • Build a tutorial that addresses their problems.

Identify KPIs to track and seek support from experts

A VR tutorial is an excellent way to convey and disseminate good practice and good technique with your medical devices. But it has to be done very carefully, step by step. At Revinax, we build each step with you, relying on the following elements:

Advice and expertise

We’re here to listen to you. We help you define your objectives, if necessary, as well as the key performance indicators.


We also use our experience in the fields of other clients and Revinax partners that we are working with or have worked with. This benchmark and advice are invaluable and allow us to avoid errors, work around difficulties, and benefit from very useful tips.


We have developed a scoring tool, which allows us to weigh each of the KPIs that you will have to consider. For example, is the device complicated to set up? How often is it or will it be used? Who is the target audience?

We combine expertise, listening and market scoring to help you select the use case that seems the most promising to you in terms of ROI.

Optimizing ROI over the long term: the knowledge library

The continuing education that practitioners need

Keeping surgical skills strong and relevant is a necessity. It has also become a legal requirement. Our tutorials enhance your value proposition by providing long-term learning, without the need for additional human resources or logistics: the surgeon can simply reuse the immersive tutorial as needed, even just before surgery, if necessary.

This flexibility and ongoing support represent a significant return on investment.

The knowledge library: an online training center

Once the tutorial is created, it is available at any time through an online platform with secure access. This is your knowledge library. If you then want to create others, they can be added to this library, which works as an educational center or reservoir of learning, with access that can be adapted to your needs.

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