Revinsight #2

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Guest: Elsa Clerge, Global Medical Education Program Manager at Medtronic (USA)

Episode #2 – November 3rd, 2023

Maxime Ros:

– Today, we are excited to have Elsa Clerge, Global Medical Education Program Manager at Medtronic, based in Austin, Texas.

– Hi, Elsa. How and why did you first turn to VR in your professional environment?

Elsa Clerge:

– Hi, Maxime. I was looking for a different tool to create content for education in an efficient, relevant, and fancy way. I wanted to optimize the learnings to make education attractive. That was my first idea, how to engage people more in educational program.

– Then I also wanted to create a different support, something that can differentiate from competition and optimize learnings. I was also looking for something adapted to the next generations, more interactive, fast, and focused.

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