How Do I Get the Word Out About My New Medical Device?

Communication about new medical devices is evolving and diversifying. Changes in uses and practices were accelerated by the Covid crisis. However, your objective remains the same: to convince professionals of the advantages of your medical device and encourage them to use it, as well as to contribute to surgical innovation. Tutorials, presentations at conference booths, workshop demonstrations, first uses, but also social networks, etc. How do you best make the launch of your device succeed and qualify your prospects?

Revinax tutorials, based on virtual reality, offer an immersive experience “in the skin” of a key opinion leader, or KOL*. They are designed to accompany each marketing step, then the use of the product, bringing an important added value to your sales efforts. Explanations below:

Communicating about your medical device: your challenges

Whether disruptive or incremental, a new medical device is awaited with curiosity and interest by the scientific community. For it to stand out, the launch must be successful, of course, but each step must be optimized, as well.

KOLs: key actors in promoting a new device

A new medical device means working with a KOL, a surgeon with “golden fingers” with whom the company wishes to collaborate. They are there starting from the design to provide their touch and expertise in bringing a product to life. They have tested and adopted it, providing feedback for improvement.

In terms of branding, your product is enhanced by collaboration with this recognized specialist, who becomes, in fact, an ambassador for the medical device.

The launch of a new medical device: the stakes for your company are high

There are many challenges to launching a new medical device: you have to convey all of the benefits and innovations of the new problem appropriately, convince, then qualify interested surgeons, which requires a substantial budget.

This launch becomes a gateway for your company to potentially market other products, so it must be successful and convincing.

Multifaceted communication

The launch is an important part of communicating about your new medical device, but it is not the only one. From conferences to the cadaver lab, from qualifying prospects to the first use of the product, it is necessary to provide quality support to the sales team.

In addition, social networks made their entry into the medical field several years ago and have become an important sounding board. They are now an integral part of your global communication plan. That gives you many potential channels for disseminating information about your product. This assumes not only appropriate communication but a sizable support budget.

Virtual reality: your best communication ally at each step along the way

Revinax gives medical device companies a way to design their virtual reality (VR) tutorials collaboratively. The objective of these tutorials is to provide support, from the time of the launch (or even before) to the first uses of the device by surgeons and medical teams.

How Revinax tutorials work

Revinax tutorials are designed to present a new medical device using virtual reality, as if users were the KOL performing the gestures and making the best possible use of the device. These tutorials are based on videos filmed “through the eyes of an expert,” by means of cameras focused on the KOL performing the operation, making it completely immersive.

These tutorials, co-created with the KOL, have the great advantage that they can be used at each step along the way, from qualification to sale.

Using the tutorial as a teaser and as a backup operating manual

During the launch, at a conference, the tutorial is used as teaser to support the product launch. Rather than technical specifications in PDF, you can directly present the best use in VR, making a more concrete impact on new prospects and make it easier to qualify them.

Qualification made easier by tracking

Ideally designed for the problems of sales managers and marketing management, the Revinax tutorial includes tracking tools. This tracking allows the sales team to qualify a surgeon interested in the product whom they meet at a conference or workshop.

You can simply present the device on a smartphone during a workshop and measure the prospect’s interest afterwards, simplifying the process.

Sales and user support

Selling your medical device assumes significant availability on the part of clinical support. It entails helping with technical mastery of the gesture, training the medical team and surgeon, with the possibility of additional travel if the first use takes place weeks, or even months, after the device is purchased.

The tutorial provides backup support that is available at any time. This is very reassuring, both to the medical device company and to the medical team.

A more flexible way to communicate

The tutorial is used not only as a sales tool during the product launch. It is also the operating manual and the instructions for the use of your innovation. This makes it an invaluable aid that can be reused at any time.

Its use is completely adaptable based on the circumstances and objectives: presented as a teaser during a conference, it can be used in its entirety during a practical workshop in a cadaver lab, to optimize the session.

Its innovative and visual appearance also lends itself well to posting on social networks. The narration can be changed as needed and adapted to your constraints. It is also used during the review stages before surgery, allowing surgeons to refamiliarize themselves with your device.

In summary, it helps put your product in the best light by giving surgeons a quality product experience without time and place restrictions, with a standardized and exhaustive discourse. It also helps with marketing, allowing surgeons to gain confidence by immersing them in the full context. Marketing time is reduced by making adoption faster and more frequent.

Cost savings

In an era marked by uncertainty and the questioning of traditional formats, it helps to rely on a tool that is at once innovative and adaptive, but also economical.

In fact, a one-time investment in a Revinax tutorial means simultaneously:

  • Optimizing face time with the KOL
  • Making it possible to fine tune it is often as possible
  • Keeping up mastery of technical gestures over time

It is also an adaptable and attractive communication media at each step of the process:

  • Teasing on social networks
  • Presentation at conferences
  • Sales support
  • Technical support in workshops and during the first use
  • Reassurance throughout the life of the medical device

*KOLs: Surgeons specialized in their fields, whose expertise is recognized by their peers.

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