Dave Beck, founder of Foundry45 (USA) – S01 Ep3/4

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Episode #10 – January 4th, 2024

Guest: Dave Beck, founder of Foundry45 (USA)

Maxime Ros:
“Today, I’m glad to receive Dave Beck, founder of Foundry45 based in Atlanta, working now with Axon.

Hey Dave, What barriers do you typically see to an enterprise-wide VR deployment? And how do you overcome them?

Dave Beck:
“Well, new technology is scary, right? Regardless of what kind you’re implementing, right? A company could be bringing in a new inventory management system or a new marketing automation program or it could be VR training. Regardless, change management is the key for any new technology implementation. It’s the biggest and most important part of a VR training implementation and it’s the one that I see businesses fail to appreciate all too often.

So then I think you said, how do you overcome resistance to it? A few things.

First, I guess, just acknowledge that it’s something people aren’t necessarily used to and make time to get them up to speed, right? The key is usage. So if it’s VR, in VR, you have to put it on your face, right? Get people in headsets early and often and once they’re in the headset, that’s kind of when the light bulb goes off and they say, okay, now they understand why it’s important and they get excited.

And then two would be, don’t just throw it over the fence and expect new program to actually be a success. You have to actually set up training milestones, KPIs, follow up with them on a regular, whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly, whatever basis to make sure it sticks.

And then finally, I would just say, be sure you have an internal champion for your program, right? I mean, people think about that as in the sales process, right? Do you have an inside person to shepherd the deal through? But it’s actually super important to own it, past that and through any sort of implementation and just somebody’s got to own it and be passionate about it.

And again, overall, it’s not rocket science, it’s the same as any new technology. Change management requires focus and follow through.”

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