Brian Wagner, founder and CEO of Health Insight Consulting Group (USA) – S01 Ep 4/4

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Revinsight #19 – March7th, 2024

Guest: Brian Wagner, founder and CEO of Health Insight Consulting Group (USA)

Maxime Ros:
“Today, I’m glad to receive Brian Wagner, he is founder and CEO of Health Insight Consulting Group. He held C-suite level roles at GE HealthCare, Philips Imaging, Becton Dickinson, and Clario.

Hi Brian, what will VR look like in 2030?”

Brian Wagner:
“Max, I honestly believe this is going to become the gold standard.

It is truly so awesome in terms of how it really addresses unmet customer needs and clinical challenges in a very novel, innovative, differentiated, unique way.

The ability to meet customers where they are, when they are, how they are, meeting it on their terms. Enabling them to complete jobs, get things done, enhance their productivity.

As a result, by enhancing their productivity, being able to spend more time taking care of patients, which let’s face it, is the reason they got into healthcare to begin with.

From a customer’s perspective, this is going to be a huge win.

Truthfully, not too many customers want to be inundated with clinical specialists and sales reps pushing their wares.

This is a very engaging way to still get the main content, the messages, the themes, the value propositions to our customers in a way in which they want to absorb it, want to digest it.

The other thing, that I think is going to be tremendous and why, I believe it’s going to be the gold standard is this is truly going to develop content that can be reused, repurposed, really drive lead generation in a very unique, differentiated way.

The cost of doing that is going to be drastically reduced.

We’re actually going to improve our ability of deploying our CapEx or our marketing dollars in a much more cost-effective way to get a higher ROI.

By being able to do that, really convert senior leadership to understand the importance of creating marketing qualified leads that go to sales qualified leads that go to revenue, and demonstrating in a consistent way how we can do that to actually get more dollars into the marketing budget to help grow the overall company revenue as a result. I think the future is very bright for VR and in 2030, you’ll probably see it more often than not.“

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