Steve Mahaley, VR producer and co-founder at the Red Fern (USA) – S02 Ep 2/4

Welcome aboard Revinsight, the podcast that helps you understand how organizations and individuals adopt, utilize, and track VR results.

Revinsight #24 – April 11th, 2024

Guest:  Steve Mahaley
, VR producer and co-founder at the Red Fern (USA)

Maxime Ros:
“Today, I’m super glad to receive Steve Mahaley. He’s from Hillsborough, North Carolina. He’s a VR producer and co-founder at the Red Fern.

Hey, Steve, what essential pearl of wisdom would you share on how best to implement VR for customers that aren’t tech-savvy?

Steve Mahaley:
“Yeah, that’s a great question. And it’s not unlike other applications of new technologies over time.

I mean, we have to always ask the question: What is it that virtual reality is going to provide for us that can’t already be done with existing technologies?  So if you’ve got a pretty good answer to that question, then I’d say go for it.
So always testing to find out if VR is really the solution that you need, or can you just do what you’ve got with your, use your existing technology to solve the problem.

The second thing I would say is that watch out for feature overload. Some VR production companies will have a lot of things that they can offer and try to just throw everything in. And your users or those people that are destined to have that experience may not have very much experience with headsets and with controllers and all those things.

So look, simplicity is the rule of the day when it comes to the ultimate experience design for the people that you intend to have in your VR immersions.

So I tend to work on designs that incorporate gaze to activate, buttons and that sort of thing. And with the new headsets now, you’ve got hand recognition, which is really good so we can avoid the controllers and having to overcome that hurdle of familiarity with the technology.

So those are the things that I would offer your audience.“

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