Adriana Bordeanu at Hartmann Group (Germany) – Ep 3/3

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Episode #13 – January 25th, 2024

Guest: Adriana Bordeanu Global Director of Medical Education and KOL Management in the Wound Care Division at Hartmann Group (Germany)

Maxime Ros:

“ Today, we’re honored to receive Adriana Bordeanu, based in Germany. Adriana is the Global Director of Medical Education and KOL Management in the Wound Care Division at Hartmann Group.

Hey Adriana, thanks to your VR experience, what would be the next VR project you’d like to work on? “

Adriana Bordeanu:

“It’s a very interesting question, Maxime, except the virtual reality tutorials dedicated to healthcare professionals in need of such advanced training, we already initiated with you, with Revinax, a program dedicated to the pharmacist group.

In Hartmann, we believe that they can better understand the challenges in wound care and test virtually, of course, the possible therapeutic solution by using this advanced training and educational method. As well, we are sure that dedicated wound care virtual reality tutorials will help the patient’s education and engagement and as a direct consequence, their adherence to treatment will improve.

So as the next projects, we have to consider patient education using virtual reality tutorials, of course, in wound care.“

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