How to Choose your Industry Expert or KOL for Your Immersive Tutorial

You want to showcase the advance the progress your medical device represents in an innovative way, with an augmented reality tutorial. The objective is to promote learning with a first-person immersive experience. This allows learners to “live” the procedure, as if they were themselves the expert making the right gestures. To create this tutorial, all you’re missing is the expert.

You’re faced with a problem: you have a pioneering device in your field, an innovative way to showcase it and facilitate its adoption, but for your tutorial to work, you need a key opinion leader (KOL), a highly respected and experienced surgeon who is an opinion leader in his or her field. How do you choose the best expert for your device so that the collaboration works to the best advantage of all parties involved: your company, the KOL, and future patients?

Key opinion leaders: essential and in high demand

1. The KOL, a crucial actor in surgery

KOLs, specialized surgeons recognized by their peers, are, in fact, opinion leaders, which makes them invaluable and highly sought after. Just as every soccer club wants to have star players on its team, KOLs are sought after by many medical device companies and have their choice of whom to work with. So, what’s going to make the difference in their eyes? In other words, what are the KOL’s work motivations that match the development of your medical device?

2. Make yourself stand out

A KOL at a medical conference workshop is the one everyone wants to approach for a future collaboration. KOLs enjoy such a high reputation in their profession that this reputation reflects on everything it touches. Can we really say that we choose the KOL? The answer is yes because, for the collaboration to work best, it is good to keep in mind what we expect from the KOL, what the KOL can expect from the collaboration, and then jointly create the tutorial, leaving a certain room for creativity.

The KOL must meet certain criteria

1. The technical fit

Technical experts are opinion leaders in their area of specialization and must technically match the scope of your medical device. But the technical fit isn’t the only parameter to take into account in choosing a technical expert.

2. A taste for sharing knowledge

The best KOLs love to share their knowledge, their tips and tricks, their experience, their art. In a tutorial, you allow the KOL to leave an impression, since the KOL is the key actor in the tutorial and guarantees its success.

You are offering the KOL a platform, lasting recognition, while the KOL provides his or her professional reputation. It’s a win-win partnership.

3. A creative who loves innovation

Revinax tutorials are an immersive experience in the service of learning. They make learners more efficient and, ultimately, optimize patient care. This means professionalism, experience, and creativity at every step of the way. These tutorials are designed collaboratively, with the goal of making them the best possible. Each idea for improvement has the potential to be disruptive in a profession where innovation is synonymous with progress.

4. A leading international expert who needs reassurance about quality

KOLs don’t take chances on a risky collaboration. The Revinax audiovisual team has been filming in the operating room for twenty years and is very familiar with its problems and constraints. The relationship is facilitated by the in-depth knowledge its CEOs have of the medical field, as well as all of the work that goes into advance preparation. On the day of filming, everything is under perfect control. The specialist doesn’t have to think about anything other than the procedure.

If these criteria resonate with you, it’s because you have you have begun your process of choosing a KOL. Reputation isn’t the only parameter to take into account. The more the KOL sees that you understand his or her own problems and challenges, the easier your work will be and the more trust there will be, which is the basis for any successful collaboration.

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