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Our mission

Help people learn better. Fast.

Here at Revinax, we use virtual training to:

  • Improve global health and working conditions through better training
  • Efficiently teach complicated consecutive gestures to
  • share the latest techniques
  • preserve traditional know-how
  • Turn every smartphone into a virtual training center.

Throughout the world 5 billion individuals don’t have access to surgery.

The Lancet, 2015.

Virtual training tutorials for precision skills

Our CEO being a neurosurgeon, Revinax started out with virtual reality tutorials for medical and surgical applications. However, to meet the increasing demand for high quality virtual training solutions, we’ve recently opened up our virtual reality platform to a wide range precision skills:

Medical & emergency

  • Surgeons
  • Doctors
  • Medical practitioners
  • Nurses
  • First aid workers
  • Social care workers

hse & maintenance

  • All engineering skills
  • Risk prevention specialists
  • Maintenance workers
  • Assembly specialists
  • Qualified workers

traditional skills

  • Manual precision skills
  • Traditional arts & crafts

marketing & communication

  • Sales techniques
  • Product demonstrations
  • Virtual manuals
  • Sales & contact scenarios
  • Behavioral adjustments

our awards

revinax laval virtual award

Best Start-Up at Start-Up Contest – Laval Virtual 2016

revinax award

E-health Start-Up award from University of Montpellier 2016

revinax award afc

Public Prize AFC 2017

revinax seal of excellence

Seal of excellence for SMEI H2020

Real footage of real actions

Revinax tutorials are the real deal: no simulations, no animations.

We provide real footage of real actions so students and trainees can easily reproduce the exact same gestures in real life situations. To stimulate learning and memorization, our virtual training tutorials draw students into the expert’s universe and show every movement from his/her point of view. This approach helps them:

  • Live the experience from the expert’s perspective.
  • Feel what it’s like to be confronted with a real life situation.
  • Become the expert they’ve always wanted to be.
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A multidisciplinary team with pedagogical expertise

Revinax is a virtual reality platform that creates, edits and distributes virtual training tutorials for highly skilled professions and precision skill training. The company was founded in Montpellier (France) in 2015 by neurosurgeon Dr. Maxime Ros and Mr. Jean-Vincent Trives. Our multi-disciplinary team combines pedagogical expertise and technical know-how in virtual reality, design and web development to create efficient virtual training tutorials.

Dr. Ros studied Microsurgery and Neurosurgery in Toulouse, France. He also holds an MSc in Biomechanics from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers (Paris) and a postgraduate degree in Medical Education from the University of Montpellier.

During his studies, Dr. Ros realized there was a worldwide need for better training, especially when it comes to accomplishing accurate gestures. This triggered the idea to use virtual reality for precision training purposes and create Revinax. Dr. Ros has practiced in a range of French Hospitals, such as the Montpellier University Hospital and the Necker Hospital for Children in Paris. He’s also participated in numerous presentations across Europe and has published several articles.

Jean-Vincent Trives is our Chief Operating Officer. His entrepreneurial spirit has been crucial to the founding of Revinax.

Jean-Vincent studied industrial processes before he obtained a BTS certificate in Business Studies. His knowledge of economic strategy has already been used by a wide range of companies, such as Ecogroupage, Nammara, UCCA…

Grégory Ros has over 30 years of experience in financial management and certification procedures. He’s also taught at the Ecole de Commerce Business School in Toulouse for 10 years.

Grégory holds a Master’s Degree in Information Science and Organisation and has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years now. Besides being a consultant in financial management, traceability, ISO9001 certification procedures and warehouse management, he’s the CEO of EuroConso, a company that specializes in purchasing procedures, and of Certiwatt, which focuses on energy management. Grégory also has a strong humanitarian side and regularly goes on humanitarian missions to Africa.

Sarah Daudé combines her medical skills with her interest in innovative solutions to develop efficient training tutorials and improve process quality.

Sarah completed the first years of her medical studies in Montpellier (France), but then got fascinated with start-ups and innovation in healthcare. She moved to Montreal (Canada) and became an entrepreneur before joining Revinax to focus on the creation of VR content. Sarah helps define the specifications for every tutorial and works on process quality. During medical tutorials, you’ll always find her in the OR.

Brandon Rosenthal is our Vice President for the US. His entrepreneurial drive strengthens our expansion in the United States.

Brandon holds a degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the John Sykes Business School at Tampa University. He brings a proven track record in business development and strategic partnerships within startup environments and Fortune 500 companies.

The developers & technicians who help us create and improve the mobile VR application:

Rémi is our product advisor. He has a BSc in Computer Sciences and an MSc in Innovation Management.

Rémi specializes in ICT and healthcare interfaces. He’s worked for companies such as Lagardere, Faber Novel and co-founded Mimesys.

Stéphane is our app code advisor. He holds a Master of Engineering in Computer Sciences.

Stéphane is a software engineer with years of experience in 3D and Virtual Reality software development. He’s also a Mimesys co-founder.

Denis specializes in 3D printing to create user-friendly recording equipment

Denis provides 3D printing solutions to create and improve our patented, ergonomic recording equipment.

Kevin is a fully skilled developer who specializes in Unity development.

He’s particularly fascinated by serious gaming techniques and their integration in virtual reality tutorials.

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