Sharpen your skills with virtual reality tutorials

If you’re looking for a new way to hone your skills and become an expert in your area, Revinax virtual reality tutorials are the way to go.

Our immersive tutorials provide real life experiences from highly skilled experts and are designed to help you memorize complicated consecutive gestures, prevent and manage risks, create effective presentations and preserve traditional skills.

An expert’s perspective

You’re no longer observing the action from the sideline. See everything from an expert’s point of view as he/she executes the technique.

Nothing’s better than reality

Efficiently memorize new techniques by observing real life situations. Revinax offers the real thing. No simulations, no animations.

Real, accurate movements

To allow you to study every movement in minute detail, we use stereoscopic cameras for a high definition 3D result.

The beauty of a job well done

See what an expert’s final result is really supposed to look like.

Tutorials you'll remember

Live the experience through the eyes of an expert and feel what it’s really like when you’re on the job

When you put your VR headset on, you immediately land in the real environment the expert works in. You can observe every small detail of the expert’s consecutive actions and of the tools. We’ve even included PowerPoint slides and instruction manuals to the side with additional information so you really have everything within reach when you need it.

Virtual reality tutorials to learn better. Fast.

Medical & emergency

  • Surgeons
  • Doctors
  • Medical practitioners
  • Nurses
  • First aid workers
  • Social care workers

hse & maintenance

  • All engineering skills
  • Risk prevention specialists
  • Maintenance workers
  • Assembly specialists
  • Qualified workers

traditional skills

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Traditional arts & crafts

marketing & communication

  • Sales techniques
  • Product demonstrations
  • Virtual manuals
  • Sales & contact scenarios
  • Behavioral adjustments

Use your smartphone as a virtual training center

Simply download our app to your smartphone, clip it on a virtual reality headset and you’re good to go.

revinax headset for immersive tutorials

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