Virtual reality training for precision skills

Every day, an avalanche of new ideas, techniques and applications hit the market.

Whatever your profession, it’s hard to master the latest techniques and tendencies without prior training. This is even more true for professionals who need to use precise, well-timed and meticulous gestures to bring their task to a good end. Revinax now provides a new way to:


your content stick through immersive virtual reality training.


every gesture in minute detail to increase understanding.


your expertise with the public of your choice.


people live the real experience so they’re properly trained.

It is no longer sufficient to train workers to meet their specific current needs; we should ensure access to training programs that support lifelong skills development and focus on future market needs.

A Skilled Workforce for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth - G20 Training Strategy – International Labor Office Geneva, Nov. 2010.

Use smartphones as virtual training centers

Revinax virtual reality tutorials are very easy to share.

As soon as we’ve filmed your sequence, it only takes us a couple of days to make your video available to the public of your choice. Students simply download our app to their smartphone, clip it on a virtual reality headset and they’re good to go.

revinax headset for immersive tutorials

Tutorials that stimulate all senses

Before practice makes perfect

To get students on the right track, explaining the theory is not enough when it comes to helping them accomplish accurate, consecutive movements. Students and trainees learn faster with visual, tactile and sound impulses and they memorize better when knowledge is connected to emotion. Revinax virtual reality tutorials appeal to all these senses to help you share your expertise in the most efficient way.

Edgar Dale cone of learning

Virtual reality tutorials based on real life

Virtual reality training offers a new way to efficiently transmit highly skilled know-how.

We help students and trainees live the actual experience from an expert’s point of view using real life HD footage. Our virtual reality tools are designed to make viewers see real life interventions through the eyes of the expert: they live the experience as the expert does, in a real life environment. Every movement is shown in minute detail so students can feel what it’s really like when you’re on the job.

Follow the eye of the expert

Witnessing a real life intervention from an expert’s perspective allows students to fully grasp the reality of the situation.

They’re no longer on the sideline but observe all consecutive movements from above, following the expert’s eyes and gestures. This helps them live and feel the real experience and stimulates memorization.

Fast. Efficient. Cost-effective.

Thanks to our patented technology, our virtual reality tutorials are ready in under a week, to allow you to teach more efficiently. Fast. Our processes are highly streamlined and very cost-effective.

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