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High quality virtual image production

Revinax makes high quality cost-effective virtual reality tutorials to stimulate the learning process for a wide range of applications.

Revinax immersive tutorials are designed to draw the viewer into the expert’s universe. Viewers are no longer on the sideline when they watch an expert at work. They observe everything through the expert’s eyes: his/her environment, assistants, material, tools and, most importantly, every gesture that’s accomplished.

fast & cost-effective

Our virtual image production process is quick and cost-effective. As opposed to time-consuming tutorials using 3D animation, we use real images to give a realistic view of every skilled gesture.

Patented technology

Our patented equipment includes a stereoscopic camera rig for 3D immersive virtual reality and takes into account mobility, safety and hygiene. Our high-quality hardware was specifically designed to meet OR standards and is now available for use in every setting.

High quality images

To avoid motion sickness, our production process provides stabilized and highly detailed wide-screen images at a high frequency per second. Our goal is to render the entire procedure in precise detail.

The Revinax production process

production process revinax

  • Script

  • Shooting session

  • Edit

  • Quality control

  • Share

A detailed script to improve user experience

The script is an essential tool to ensure your tutorial meets pedagogical and/or promotional goals and standards.

A well-defined script makes sure the VR crew includes all the required details in the raw footage. Revinax uses storyboards to give you a better idea of what the final result will look like. Storyboards also help define the context and optimize user experience. We also include additional metadata to improve narration techniques and know-how transfer.


To further enhance user experience, the architecture of our VR tutorials also allows adding a wide range of extra content to stimulate the viewer’s learning process. You can include additional videos, PowerPoint presentations, audio, 3D models, comments… All these elements add an extra dimension to your tutorial and amplify the immersive experience.

Fast and efficient shooting

Choose your location and pick the date for the shooting session.

Depending on the final script, the shooting process may take one to several days. The Revinax team helps you install our patented, user-friendly equipment and assists you throughout the entire process. We also go through all the raw footage to make sure you’ve all the material required to create the tutorial you have in mind.

Professional editing & post-production

We always produce the highest quality tutorials possible, using the best sequences available.

When extracting sequences from the raw footage, our editing team stays as close to the script as possible. Images are stabilized and their color, contrast and luminosity are enhanced to increase image quality. When required, we even add special effects for storytelling purposes.

Internal & external tests to validate quality

Before we unleash your tutorial on the world, we conduct a series of Alpha tests inside Revinax to detect and correct potential bugs in the tutorial.

As soon as your VR tutorial is validated by the Revinax team, we launch Beta tests on users outside of Revinax to make sure the entire tutorial meets our quality standards.

revinax headset for immersive tutorials


The Obserever option is an excellent tool to assist, train and further sharpen viewers’ skills. Connect a tablet to the smartphone that’s located in the VR headset and live the experience through the eyes of the viewer.

Show your VR tutorial to the viewers of your choice

Revinax virtual reality tutorials can be downloaded from the Revinax mobile VR platform onto most smartphones.

Simply use your Revinax password to download and/or stream your tutorial to the viewers of your choice. To cater to every need, Revinax offers a range of options to broadcast your virtual reality tutorial to the public you aim to reach. Whether you prefer to keep the tutorial inside your company or make it available to all, we can help.

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