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virtual hse & risk management tutorials

Virtual reality offers a wide range of possibilities to tackle maintenance and security issues. The Revinax team specializes in real life immersive training tutorials for a wide range of applications.

Our HSE & risk management tutorials are designed to prevent work-related injuries, contain high-risk situations and secure the work environment. They help maintenance and safety workers gain access to the latest techniques and tools.

Virtual reality to reduce risks

Revinax aims to help every profession with a specific set of skills and gestures to easily share their know-how.

Our HSE & risk management tutorials provide an efficient solution to train staff from everywhere around the world and get everyone on the same wavelength. It goes without saying that our virtual reality tutorials don’t replace proper, certified training, but they do help to:

  • reduce the probability and gravity of work-related injuries
  • avoid errors and increase skill
  • learn from experienced workers during emergency situations
  • stay up to date with the latest techniques

Create fast and efficient HSE & risk management tutorials with our patented VR equipment

Risk management tutorials that get your team ready

Virtual reality tutorials are an immersive experience.

To help your staff memorize complicated consecutive actions, Revinax tutorials use real footage from real-life situations. This helps viewers live the experience, gain consciousness of what a high-risk situation really looks like, prepare the right reflexes and get ready for action. Some examples:

work-related injuries

  • Risk prevention
  • Injury management
  • Managing high-risk situations

public safety

  • Implementing safety regulations
  • Safety risk assessment
  • Decision making scenarios

work environment

  • Securing the work environment
  • Contain a dangerous situation


  • High-skill maintenance procedures
  • All types of situations and devices

access your tutorials anywhere anytime

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