Revinax on the verge of Virtual Reality

Revinax on the verge of Virtual Reality

Revinax on the verge of Virtual Reality

Original article written in French by La Region. Click here. The article below is a translation by Eline Lubbes.

Maxime Ros surfs the waves of virtual reality

Dr. Maxime Ros, a neurosurgeon at CHU Montpellier until 2016, focuses on virtual reality. He created the start-up Revinax in November 2015 based on virtual reality technology. His idea: develop an enriched application to view a procedure with a virtual reality headset to give the illusion of being in the surgeon’s shoes. Currently, the concept has appealed beyond the medical community.

Based in the premises of BIC Montpellier Incubator, Revinax offers immersive training tutorials. A technological first applied to surgery, but not limited to surgery only.

It has been scientifically proven that virtual reality allows better memorization and a better assimilation of gestures. It has proven pedagogical effectiveness.

“We are launching a platform in October offering all the tutorials, and we are going to sign a partnership with the University Hospitals of Toulouse and Montpellier so that they can create their own tutorials. We are also in discussion with companies in other sectors implementing virtual reality for transferring manual skills. ”

With his 4 partners, Maxime Ros is looking for private investors to finance the development of the start-up already valued up to € 5 million. Revinax aims to become an important player on the European and American market, and has currently established an office in New York.

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