What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality is an updated version of augmented reality, even though most people use “augmented reality” to cover the entire field.
Augmented reality allows users to superimpose digital information on their real-life surroundings using smartphones, tablets or specially designed glasses, such as the Google Glass. The technology displays digital objects and information in the field of vision of the user. Mixed Reality takes this concept even further by adding reactive 3D-imagery into the display to increase realism.

Mixed Reality to better understand reality

Having a realistic 3D representation of a specific object or action within view allows mixed reality users to study complex objects and situations in a way that would not be possible in real life. Details can be highlighted, magnified or rotated to increase understanding while the user still has a clear view of his/her surroundings.

The perfect teaching and training tool

Mixed Reality tutorials easily replace hard-to-understand manuals for complex procedures.

But there’s more:

Mixed Reality can also include 3D-videos of tutors who demonstrate specific techniques in minute detail. Thanks to our patented equipment, the entire process is recorded from the perspective of the teacher to give students a clear view of what the teacher really saw and did when he/she first accomplished the action. They’re no longer watching from a distance but can observe every gesture and tool in minute detail. They see exactly what the teacher saw, while they’re accomplishing the same gesture. This adds extra support and security and helps students review and replicate every step. This feature is especially useful for highly skilled professions, such as surgeons and emergency workers.

A wide range of applications

Mixed Reality opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of training and marketing.

All you need are special Mixed Reality glasses, such as the Microsoft HoloLens, and properly designed virtual reality content, which is where Revinax comes in. The Revinax team specializes in high-quality virtual content for surgeons and medical staff as well as emergency, risk management and maintenance workers. Our team recently had a worldwide first, when they introduced Mixed Reality in the OR.

This is the perfect tool for any surgery. As a teaching surgeon, I can create my own tutorials to deliver them to students before and, now also, during surgery. They can use the tutorial as a reminder during the operation. The patient imagery and planning feature also avoids unnecessary distractions: we now no longer need to check these data on the computer during the operation.

Dr Nicolas LONJON, neurosurgeon and teacher at the Montpellier University Hospital

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