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Come meet the Revinax team at CES 2018

Come meet the Revinax team at CES 2018

Experience immersive training in mixed and virtual reality

Revinax specializes in immersive training for highly skilled professions using virtual and mixed reality solutions. You can meet the team at CES Las Vegas from January 9th to 12th, 2018 and explore our immersive tutorials. Don’t hesitate to drop by booth 50241 in Eureka Park for an eye-opening experience!

Virtual reality to better grasp reality

Revinax uses real-life footage from complicated procedures to provide mixed and virtual reality training solutions for highly skilled professions. Our patented equipment records the real-life actions of a trainer who’s working his/her way through a complicated procedure. The 3D HD footage is then edited to enable viewers to live the experience as seen through the instructor’s eyes. The approach allows for highly efficient memorization so trainees and peers can correctly study every consecutive gesture in order to better imitate it when they’re ready for action.

Immersive tutorials to solve real-world problems

virtual reality marketing tutorials

Virtual and mixed reality provide exciting new opportunities for technical training, which is often costly, time-consuming and hard to find. Revinax immersive tutorials can be accessed globally with a smartphone and VR headset. By providing high-quality training tutorials to both local and global viewers, Revinax aims to contribute to:

  • better access to professional services and skills
  • increased job growth and innovation
  • lower unemployment, underemployment and social inequality

Discover what it’s really like

We know all of this may sound a little abstract to those of you who are not really familiar with virtual and mixed reality. So, if you’d like to experience what immersive training really means, don’t hesitate to come to booth #50241 in Eureka Park and meet the Revinax team. We’ll be waiting for you with a VR headset and a selection of eye-opening immersive tutorials. To avoid queuing up, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your session. We’re already looking forward to meeting you there! You can also follow us on Facebook, where we’ll livestream the conference’s highlights.

Company background

From mixed reality to outer space

Revinax initially provided a scalable platform for surgeons and medical professionals to share their skills and increase global access to healthcare. Last year, the company expanded its scope to include a wide range of precision skills as well as product and marketing presentations. Most recently, Revinax achieved a worldwide first by introducing mixed reality in the OR and has been selected by the European Space Agency to create immersive tutorials for spatial applications.