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Virtual Reality: The Revinax Experience

Revinax aims to fill the educational gap between the need for highly skilled workers and their availability. Revinax virtual reality tutorials use HD quality footage from real life situations to efficiently draw viewers into the expert’s universe. They can observe every gesture from the expert’s point of view and review every detail as many times as they need to memorize complicated consecutive actions.

The best way to learn skills is to live experience. The best way to understand a product is to show how it works. Our first app, Surgevry has been designed for Surgeons.

We develop VR tools called Immersive Tutorial for different fields:

  • Medical
  • Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Art & Craft
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The Revinax team shares with you videos but also a lot of other information that may help you think about using virtual reality and immersive technologies.

Kindly & professionaly translated by Michele Hansen
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