Operational efficiency

The optimal technological mix to teach technical skills and procedures

Custom tutorials to boost your teams’ operational efficiency

The race for operational excellence is accelerating every day, in every sector, with less and less room for error or downtime. Maintaining and developing team skills is crucial for companies to remain competitive. And immersive learning is emerging as a pivotal solution.

Faster and more efficient learning of technical procedures, on-demand use, reduced training time and costs, easier large-scale deployment: these are the benefits of Revinax immersive tutorials. The arguments for transitioning to immersive learning are compelling.

Assets of Revinax immersive tutorials

  • Virtual Reality + 3D Video: maximum immersive effectiveness

    Revinax tutorials guarantee optimal user immersion and strong sensory and emotional stimulation through the combination of subjective-viewpoint 3D video and a VR environment.

    Because learners are fully engaged in the experience and free from any distraction, they memorize information, experiences, and technical know-how better and faster.

  • Vidéo-realism : more impactful, more effective

    The immersive potential of Revinax tutorials is significantly enhanced by the use of 3D videos captured directly in the user’s work environment.

    When learners find themselves in their usual (familiar) work environment, learning and confidence increase.

    This realism also generates a strong emotional response, particularly useful when sensitizing or preparing users for dangerous, stressful, or unusual situations (incidents, accidents, critical situations, etc.).

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  • No place or time constraint

    Although realistic, immersive tutorials offer a completely dematerialized experience that is not tied to any limitation of place or time:

    users no longer have to be on-site or at the equipment to learn how to operate it. There is no need to shut down a production line or cut into work time to train team members.

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  • Available anywhere, anytime

    Run on the Revinax platform, your immersive tutorials are available to your users 24/7. They can be viewed on a VR headset as well as on a smartphone, tablet, or computer (in 2D mode).

    Users can access your content wherever and whenever they choose... and as often as needed to keep their skills active and available.

    This flexibility makes Revinax tutorials particularly suited for repeated use, as a "reminder" of instructions that may be neglected over time or during refresher courses.

  • Large-Scale Rollout

    The Revinax solution is completely scalable: your immersive tutorials can be offered to as many people as you want with a limited investment. After the initial design costs, the "only" other purchase is VR headsets (mobile/autonomous).

    Even a basic VR cardboard with a smartphone can suffice! Compare this to the budget required for a face-to-face solution, with all the logistical costs and training time to schedule.

  • 100% User Safety

    Through virtual reality and first-person 3D video, users can be immersed in a completely realistic (and familiar) environment in which potentially dangerous situations can be simulated without putting them at the slightest risk.

    This makes immersive tutorials ideal tools to raise team member awareness of certain risks or improve how they manage delicate or dangerous situations.

  • Quick design & implementation

    Another advantage of using video in Revinax immersive tutorials is that production cost and time is significantly lower than for a 100% CGI production.

    Your first tutorial can be ready in less than one month!

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Learning a technical gesture / complex procedure

Immersive tutorials are perfectly suited to training teams to perform a set of technical gestures that are part of a production process.

Thanks to the immersive environment and first-person 3D video, learners are able to quickly acquire optimal mastery with a maximum level of quality (minimum error rate). All this without idling production lines or exposing learners to accident risks.

Improving industrial maintenance efficiency

Immersive tutorials can be used to increase the operational efficiency and responsiveness of maintenance teams on the production site. For example, they can address:

  • Improving/ensuring the quality of technical gestures and complex procedures;
  • Preparing/increasing team responsiveness to infrequent critical or even dangerous situations (breakdowns, incidents);
  • Sustaining a high level of technical mastery in production line machine/equipment maintenance by reactivating good practices.

Methods & Processes: reactivating compliance with best practices

Create an immersive Revinax tutorial for your teams to review compliance with methods/good practices or introduce a procedure change.

As with learning a new technical skill, the immersive potential of Revinax tutorials and the use of first-person video ensure faster memorization and more reliable results.

Quick to produce (and update), these tutorials are perfectly suited for repeated use as a reminder to maintain performance quality, all while reducing team training time.

"Working with Revinax was easy, in terms of logistics, technical matters, and content creation. Everything was highly professional. This tool makes complex technologies easy to understand. The company's experience in medical environments added even more value. We are currently developing more tutorials with Revinax. The collaboration is always straightforward and professional. And on top of all that, I now feel like an expert in virtual reality."
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Medtronic trainig manager, neurovascular

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Revinax's expertise is available to help you figure out how your company can take advantage of virtual reality and immersive technologies.

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