We Design Your Immersive Tutorials

Revinax enhances your training programs by providing an immersive experience in real-world conditions for your learners.
This experience is available via a multimedia platform that is compatible with virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, computers, tablets and smartphones.

Operational Benefits

Speed Up 

New employees, temporary staff, retraining.


Keep your skills active, facilitate refresher training.


New or unusual procedures and technologies.
Formation VR immersive

Real-life experience using good practices

The first-person perspective of our training materials provides an in-context immersive experience for an in-depth understanding of how to perform the procedure.

Putting users in the shoes of the expert

VR immersion and the first-person perspective engage mirror neurons to promote emotional involvement and accelerate learning.

Mistakes avoided


at 1 year


Time saving in training

First-person perspective*
VR technology** vs. conventional training

Enhance your technical training programs & reduce errors

Immersion in real-life high definition images speeds up understanding, improves recall by 80% and reduces the number of mistakes by 50%.

Archive & share your expertise freely

The multimedia platform allows you to make your database of expertise available when and where it is needed most, with no restrictions of time or place.
Your Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality training programs can be accessed in 2D from computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Design Process

Revinax enhances your training programs by providing an immersive experience in real-world conditions for your learners.
The learning experience modules are available through a platform that is compatible with virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Project Specification

After a joint design meeting we will develop a functional Project Specification document to be used as a framework for the tutorials.

In situ Capture

On the day of filming, the designated expert will don our patented capture equipment to record the procedure in 3D, from a first-person perspective.

Production and software development

The 3D video is optimized, edited, and segmented into chapters. Additional data are inserted, and software programming encapsulates the experience in the Revinax immersion chamber.
revinax handbook platform

Cross-Platform Deployment

Tutorials are made available via the Revinax platform, accessible in 3D for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, in 2D or 3D for smartphones, and in 2D for tablets and computers.


To help you build databases with a large volume of tutorials, Revinax can offer onsite support, or our technology can be made available to you – please contact us to learn more.

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Our Solutions

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