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virtual training for artisans and arts & crafts

Virtual reality tutorials don’t only offer exciting new training opportunities for recent techniques and precision skills; they also help preserve artisan know-how.

The Revinax team now devotes a special section of the VR platform to traditional art and craft tutorials. Our team uses real life immersive training tutorials to make sure no precision skill or traditional craft is forgotten.

Manual craft tutorials you'll remember

Revinax aims to help every profession that uses specific gestures and manual skills to easily share and preserve their know-how.

Our artisan & arts and crafts tutorials provide an efficient solution to spread your know-how around the world. It goes without saying that our tutorials don’t replace proper, certified training, but they definitely help to:

  • preserve and promote traditional know-how
  • avoid errors and increase skills
  • stay up to date with the latest developments and techniques

Our patented VR equipment helps you create fast and efficient virtual reality tutorials for every skill

Virtual reality to preserve tradition

Our virtual tutorials don’t only draw you into the universe of traditional skills and arts and crafts; they help you live the experience through the eyes of somebody who really knows how to get the job done.

Virtual reality tutorials are an immersive experience: feel what it’s like to be an electrician, a plumber or, even weave a basket in an African tribe and try accomplishing the skill yourself.

artisan skills

  • Tutorials for beginners
  • Updated techniques

arts & crafts

  • Ancient & forgotten skills
  • Local crafts from around the world

access your tutorials anywhere anytime

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